Catalyst Frame - A design and engineering company based around creating social good by transitioning innovations into the real world

What are we about?

It's a company built around the idea of social good. And we do this not only by leading the way with our own innovations, but we also provide an advanced prototyping service that empower everyday people to go from an idea to something real and tapping into our greatest human strengths our creativity and ingenuity. We also donate our time and expertise in support of various projects designed to help people. As a company we try to embody our namesake by helping catalyze what we are each capable of, but also keeping in mind our impact on the bigger picture.



We want to help!

We are 100% committed to leaving this world better than the way we found it. If you know of some do-goodery we could be doing, whether it's helping a single person to a product for whole developing nations, please let us know! Because we are willing to commit time, expertise, and resources to making it happen. However, do keep in mind that we do have limited resources, which is why we select the projects that have the highest chance of making a difference in people's lives. But if you have no doubts in your cause, make sure to contact us!

Who am I?

I graduated from UC Berkeley in Molecular Cell Biology, but soon afterwards I got hooked on entrepreneurship. It started when my small tutoring business was helping students jump two to three letter grades, which was something I never knew I had in me, and it made me ask myself what I'm truly capable of. So ever since then, my goal has been to continue to make an increasingly positive impact by utilizing advanced technologies such as 3D printing and machine learning to design and engineer better tools for us to interact with the world. I look forward to working with other people who share the same level of ambition and dedication, and promise that work and fun can go hand in hand =)

If you want to see more of what I've been up to feel free to check out my LinkedIn.